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Flash player is requires for this post!
Back in 2009 I had a blog about flash game development. After taking it offline I've got some requests to put some content back online. Today I found a backup of the blog and some posts still seem to be interessting to me. So I'll repost some of them here. This is one of them.

You can reload the page to see different effects.

Some weeks ago I needed some eye candy for my latest game. The easiest way was to put some plasma in the background. But mostly plasma algorithms generate a repetitive pattern and i wanted a better one.

I found this post in david's blog:

Unfortunatley this program is written in blitzmax, a language I don't know at all. But the syntax is easy to understand, so it took just some hours to port it.
I have added one nice feature. You can define how many lines are calculated by render circle. So you can screw down the fps of the plasma effect and use the CPU for what you really want to do.

p.s.: My favourite line of code in this project is

if ( ubyte[plasma_id] & 128 )
                            ubyte[plasma_id] =  (~ubyte[plasma_id])&0x7F;

It's a very good example of the power of bit operation.

The flash version is from 2010.
In the meanwhile I wrote a javascript version too:
(Drag the mouse to animate and rotate color.)
Interactive Plasma written in java script.

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